One AeRoWing™ sweep rigger, complete with AxioR™ pin & C-II gate/oarlock

The best 2-stay rigger in the world, and affordable!

  • Extremely stiff and strong - for perfect confidence & power-connection
  • Light, with the lowest wind & water resistance - for enhanced race pace
  • Immune to failure from corrosion or fatigue - no welds to crack
  • All components CNC machined from solid metal for total precision & assured quality
  • With our AxioR pin - for absolute pitch control & exact adjustment of stern & lateral pitch
  • Hard-anodised - for complete durability

AeRoWing riggers - the only way to rig a shell.  Stiffer and lighter than wings, proof against corrosion and fatigue, effectively ever-lasting.

Specify AeRoWings for your new shell.  Refit that older shell with AeRoWings.  And see it fly!


When you order riggers, we'll need a few more details in order to tailor them to your requirements.

Visit: and go to the foot of that page for graphic and video format measurement instruction, along with a handy table for you to record the data.

Once you have filled in the table, simply email it to us at

Example rigger specification table:

Single AeRoWing™ sweep rigger

  • Product Code: Complete Sweep Aerowing - Single
  • Availability: Made to order (call for details)
  • £294.00

  • Excl. EU tax: £245.00

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