Complete Lo-Glide™ Seat

Light (at ~325 grams - or less!), beautiful, smooth, durable, comfortable.
Press-laminated top in selected veneers or sheer carbon.
Complete with Lo-Glide™ undercarriage.
Finished to perfection.

Customise your seat for total comfort!

As well as making our standard seats, we can also customise your seat to remove the discomfort you may normally feel while rowing - one seat does not fit all!

From data produced as show here Customising your Seat, we generate a CAD model allowing us to machine the unique details to match your anatomy, relieving pressure points which caused you soreness, bruising, cramps or even numb leg(s).  By making you more comfortable, this should increase your rowing pleasure and your boat speed.

For a Custom Seat, select the "Fully customised" option before adding the seat to your shopping cart.

(Please call or fire us an email if you wish to discuss your needs or better understand the measurement process)

Specifying your seat

Please take a look at the following image for the required dimensions. If you do not yet know, then please type "tbd" in the measurement boxes and follow with an email to to confirm.

Lo-Glide™ Seat (complete)

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